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duskpeterson.com update: New fantasy tale & recommendations

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Apr. 6th, 2009 | 01:30 am
posted by: duskpeterson in warfiction

>>> Darkling Plain

* Main Bookshelf. Site content label. Fantasy tales about young people in times of conflict.

New online fiction:

Princeling 1: Noble. In a world where war has lasted for generations, in which only the pitiless nobles who wage war hold power, and those who cannot fight must suffer or seek slow death . . . What would you do if you were a noble, and you lost the ability to fight?


>>> The Three Lands

* Main Bookshelf. Site content label. A fantasy series on friendship, romance, and betrayal in times of war and peace.

Reviews of Re-creation

I enjoyed [this] holiday gift story so much that I sent the url to my 14-year-old son. Thank you. It did, indeed, feel like a gift.

[Reader comment at duskpeterson (LiveJournal).]

Your portrayal of the relationship between these two boys was beautiful.

[Reader comment at duskpeterson (InsaneJournal).]

Story summary and link to story.


>>> Retrofuture: Visions of the Future, 1945-1975

* Web directory.

Retrofuture (also called retro-future, paleo-future, and Raygun Gothic) is a word used for past visions of the future. This new bibliography of book, films, and online resources focusses on retrofuturistic visions in the decades immediately following the invention of the computer, when scientists, journalists, artists, film-makers, and science fiction writers were especially interested in how technology such as computers would affect life in the future. From the 1960s onwards, human captivity in computer-controlled prisons and dystopias became a recurring theme.

A separate page within the site covers Media Representations of Everyday Life and of Battles Against the Mainstream, 1962-1965, focussing on media representations of everyday life, as well as of the people who battled against mainstream America: youth, racial minorities, women, musicians, the working class, and the counterculture. The current topics listed there are: General, Advertising, Counterculture and Youth, Daily Life, Greenwich Village and the South Village, Journalism and the Media, Music and Dance, and Northeast Blackout of 1965.


>>> E-Book and site navigation change

As you can see, I've switched this year from publishing e-books of my individual stories to publishing a single zipped-file e-book of all my fiction, nonfiction, and fiction recommendations, which I'll update once a year. I'm hoping this will be convenient and relatively inexpensive for any of my readers who like to store lots of my writings on their hard drives; it will certainly free up a lot of publishing time for me.

In the process of preparing the e-book, I've done some navigation changes at this domain to try to cut down on the amount of links-clicking readers have to do to reach stories:

Princeling, From Hell to the Stars, and Main Stream have been moved to Darkling Plain (which now has a revised site content label).

Therefore, the Main Bookshelf main index and Suspenseful Friendship Fiction fantasy index now consists of the following:

The Three Lands: Main Bookshelf novel series.

Darkling Plain: Main Bookshelf stand-alone stories.

I hope that will make things a little less complicated.

>>> Progress reports

If you want to check what stage upcoming stories are at, check the monthly progress report.

>>> Copyright

All of my writings at this domain are now licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial License. My policy on fan works hasn't changed (create them! please!), but my policy on derivative works has loosened.

>>> My winter break and upcoming fiction

Despite my continued struggles with Internet addiction, my winter writing time went well, with 170,000 words completed. Among other things, I wrote a new Three Lands novelette (that is to say, my 2008 holiday story, Re-creation), did substantial work on two Three Lands novels, and did bits and pieces of work on other stories.

In addition to getting my much-delayed paperbacks published, I plan to devote this publishing season to The Eternal Dungeon, including a few Eternal Dungeon stories that will be linked from Main Stream. Depending on how much time that leaves me with, I also hope to get online a few more Main Bookshelf stories.

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