Suspenseful Friendship Fiction

Fantasy tales on friendship and betrayal in wartime

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Fantasy tales on friendship and betrayal in wartime.
Friendship fiction isn't just stories of first-graders exchanging notes in classrooms (though those tales are lovely). It can be about the emotional bonds that are created during wartime and in other tense situations. That's what you'll find here, along with love stories.

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THE SUSAN RULES (not scary! not scary!)

As posted by author Susan R. Matthews on 23 June 2007 at HisExcellency, a fan e-mail list devoted to her science fiction. Reprinted with her permission because I thoroughly agree. --DP

The Susan Rules of Engagement, or How I Expect People to Behave In This Group . . .

(1) Critical remarks about something I've said in my novels or said in this group are not personal insults, and I don't take them as such.

(2) Differences of opinion with other people or with the text are not personal insults either, and should not be taken as such (I don't).

(3) Intelligent, articulate, insightful people (like those who read my novels) (hee hee) are naturally passionate about things that have captured their interest. Please play nice.